Staff Senate


Executive Committee

President: Angela Nixon
Vice President/President-Elect: Matt Bundrick
Past President: Julia Lusk

Parliamentarian: Deb Charles
Secretary: Tina White
Treasurer: Julie Jones

Standing Committees


Acts as support to the other committees by organizing activities such as the 5K Sprint for Success, the Team Up for Clemson Regatta and the awards luncheon. Chair: Julia Lusk


Responsible for communication between the Staff Senate and all staff. Co-Chair: Anne Cummings and Reba Kay-Purdessy

Membership (Learn More)

Coordinates the election and orientation of new senators and evaluates representation. Chair: Kay Bagwell

Policy and Welfare

Reviews policies and procedures related to staff employees. Chair: Wendy Howard  


Serves as the fundraising arm of the Senate. Chair: Leslie Doss

University-Wide Committees

Staff Senate also holds representation on University-wide committees. They are as follows:

Academic Council: Matt Bundrick
Accident Review: Julia Lusk and Matt Bundrick
Alcohol and Other Drugs: Adam Hunter
Athletic Council: Deb Charles
Bookstore Advisory: Amanda Menefee
Calendar Committee: Rose Ellen Davis-Gross
Clemson University Foundation Board: Deb Charles
Compensation Advisory: Angela Nixon
Faculty Senate Budget Accountability: Angela Nixon
Human Resource Advisory: Wendy Howard
Joint City/University: Julia Lusk
LGBTQ Task Force: Terri Vaughan
Library Advisory: Judy Pruitt
Parking Advisory: Tina White
President’s Cabinet: Angela Nixon
Recreation Advisory: Tina White
Safety Council: Anne Cummings
Sexual Violence Task Force: Reba Kay-Purdessy
Student Conduct Code Review Committee: Judy Pruitt
Tobacco-Free Task Force: Julia Lusk