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Membership Committee

GET INVOLVED – BECOME A SENATOR! You will interact with staff from across campus, as well as with faculty, administrators and representatives from all University areas. You will receive first-hand knowledge about the policies and pending changes affecting campus. You will represent your co-workers and address the needs of your area with other Senators. It’s interesting and fun!

Fun facts:

  • The new Senator’s term begins at the May meeting and continues for three years.
  • Senators attend monthly Staff Senate meetings, currently held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Madren Center.
  • You will also serve on a Staff Senate committee, which meets monthly (schedules vary by committee).
  • In addition, you may volunteer and/or be appointed to serve on a University committee; if so, you would represent the interests of Staff Senate and provide a meeting report regarding the committee’s activities.
  • Lots of fund-raising and other social activities for you to attend and support, if your schedule permits.
  • More information about a Senator’s duties can be found in the Staff Senate by-laws.

We invite you to attend a meeting and/or contact any Senator with questions you may have about the duties and responsibilities of a Staff Senator.  If you have any questions about the election process, please contact Karon Donald in the Staff Senate office and/or call 656-9000.


Being a representative of staff and serving on Staff Senate is a responsibility that our Senators take seriously. Attendance records for regular staff meetings and committee meetings are kept for all current Senators and updated regularly.