Finance Division

Budget Centers

Revised: 5/31/02

Following is a current list of budget centers with associated CUBS budget organization codes:

Academic Colleges

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (CAFLS)
College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities (AAH)
College of Business and Behavioral Science (BPA)
College of Engineering and Science (COES)
College of Health and Human Development (HEHD)
School of Education (SoE)


Academic Support

Provost and Vice President for Academic Administration (PROV)
Division of Computing and Information Technology (DCIT)
Administrative and Programming Services (DAPS)
Cooper Library (LBRY)
Chief Research Officer (RES)


University Facilities (FAC)
Utilities (UTIL)

Administrative Support

Student Affairs (STUD)
President (PRES)
Secretary to the Board of Trustees (SEC)
Vice President for Public Service and Agriculture (PSAG)
Chief Business Officer (FIN)
University Advancement (A+A)
Campus Central Funds (CAMP)


Athletics (ATH)