Finance Division

Student Activity Fee Allocations

Student Activity Fee Allocations are made to three colleges:

STUD                $820,647.00

AAH                   $343,466.00

BBS                    $16,056.00

STUD also receives the CAMP Revenue budgeted amount for Account 4008 - Student Orgs.  The amount is budgeted at $560,000 in FY03-04 with no significant expected change.

Each college budgets the Activity Fee as a transfer in revenue budget with a corresponding expenditure budget during the Load.  Student Affairs budgets the $820,647 in Funds 13 and 15.  The split should remain constant Fund 13 $250,760 and Fund 15 $569,887 (included in the permanent base/allocation).

Fund 13 items must be funded through a cash transfer to each respective P/G.  STUD Fund 15 does not need/receive a cash transfer since it is part of the base and cash is not processed in Fund 15.