Finance Division

Innovation Fund


The Innovation Fund exists to:

  • Provide a source of funding for unique ideas that do not have an alternative University funding source;
    Provide an incentive for innovative initiatives and programs that have a mutual benefit to the applicant and to the University;
  • Promote the application of skills, techniques, and knowledge of two or more disciplines toward a common goal or goals; and
  • Promote innovative teaching strategies that enhance University goals

Priority will be given to proposals that support initiatives that enhance or improve the Clemson students' learning experience.

The Innovation Fund is not intended to support proposals for which other University funding sources exists. Examples of proposal categories having alternative funding sources include:

  • Research
  • Affirmative Action
  • Renovation and permanent improvements


An amount will be set aside annually from the Educational and General budget to maintain the Innovation Fund. The amount will be allocated during the regular annual budget process.


The Innovation Fund Awards Committee, composed of two administrative appointees and four faculty appointees, administers the Fund.  Administrative appointees are the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, and the Chief Research Officer and Senior Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies.  Faculty appointees are the Chairman of the Assessment Committee, the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee, an Endowed Chair, and an Alumni Master Teacher.

The Innovation Fund Awards Committee will review and evaluate the merits of proposals received.  Proposals will be prioritized based on uniqueness, need, and overall benefit to students and the University.  In general, funds must be spent in the fiscal year in which they are awarded.  Provision for multiple year awards, when applicable, will be specified at the time of the initial award.


Faculty or staff may apply for funds by completing the Innovation Fund Application Form.  The application should include, in the following order, FORM I, a description of the proposed project (narrative limited to 10 pagese), a statement on how the proposal will impact the Clemson students' learning experience, FORM II, and a detailed expense budget.  The completed application must be signed by the applicant, the immediate supervisor and the Dean/Vice President.