Finance Division

Laboratory Fee Allocation

Effective Date:  October 11, 2002        

Lab fees increased from $25 to $50 in the prior fiscal year, 2001-02. Lab fees were allocated on a lag basis, i.e. assigned to July 1, 2002 budget for the prior summer, fall and spring at the $25 rate.

There are two issues to address in the 2002-03 allocations:

  1. The Provost requested and the administration approved retention of one-half the lab fees collected to centrally address laboratory upfit across the colleges and
  2. Expeditiously provide funds to both the Provost and the colleges from the new lab fee structure effective with the fall 2002 semester. This new structure establishes a minimum lab fee of $75 with other, more costly lab sections at $100, $150, and $200.

The proposal to address these issues involves switching to a “real time” allocation of lab fees, i.e. provide funds to the Provost and colleges in the same year as these fees are collected. This brings the benefit of the new fee structure into the current year rather than on a lag basis. There will be three allocations during the year to accomplish this:

  1. Fall Allocation: Gather data on fees collected in the second summer session and the fall semester by the end of October. One-half this amount will be set-aside for the Provost. The remaining half will constitute the college funds. When the distribution is made, one-half of the amount in each college’s base (from the old $25 rate) will be deducted and the remainder allocated.
  2. Spring Allocation: Around the end of February, lab fee data will be collected for the spring semester and allocated in the same manner as the fall, giving half to the Provost and the remainder to the college less the remaining half in your base from the old rate.
  3. Final Allocation: In mid-June, a final allocation will be made using data from Maymester and first session to the Provost for one-half and the colleges one-half.

The Budget Office will make these allocations to the holding accounts of the Budget Centers. Budget Center Representatives are responsible for any distribution of lab fee revenues to individual departments.