Finance Division

Revenue and Expenditure Budgets

In order for an expenditure to pass budget checking criteria, a corresponding budget must exist in CUBS.  Posting to the general ledger as an expenditure successfully occurs only when an actual expenditure account string, the combination of valid chart of accounts fields, can be successfully matched to a valid budgeted expenditure account string.  Once an initial budget is established for a new year for E&G funds, revisions to that initial budget must be entered by submitting a Budget Transaction Form through the Budget Office when appropriation budget changes are needed.  Budget amendments may be entered online when no appropriation budget change is required.
Revenue budget maintenance is accomplished in much the same manner as that of expenditure budgets.  A valid revenue budget must exist in CUBS prior to successfully receiving and posting revenues to the general ledger.  All changes to existing revenue estimate budgets for E&G funds must be transacted through the Budget Office.