Finance Division

Special Budget Requests

Special funding requests are discussed by the President, Provost, Vice Presidents, and Deans during the development of program priorities for the new budget year using the projected source and application of funds statement. Such items have resulted in what is commonly referred to as "off-the-top allocations." However, a situation may arise after the original budget has been approved, that a budget center considers special.

If a budget center submits such a request, Budgets and Financial Planning should analyze the request to determine if all available options have been considered by the budget center. The analysis will also address whether, if funded, the special request will erode the viability of the Budget Performance Incentives Program. If, for example, the basis for the request involves an increase in activity levels, when similar increases in activity levels are routinely being absorbed by other budget centers, approval would erode the integrity of the Block Funding Program. Another example is a correction to the base year allocations, when the original starting point is less critical than the relative change since the inception of the incentive program. Once a staff review has been completed, input should be obtained from the Provost, Vice Presidents, and Deans prior to submitting the final package to the President.

Note: The policy is not intended to encourage ad hoc requests. It only ensures full discussion and disclosure with the campus leadership prior to a decision.