Finance Division

Summer School Revenue Allocation Rates

Effective April 8, 2002

Subsequent to the significant fee increase levied during fiscal year 2001-02, the administration reviewed and revised the revenue sharing model supporting summer school expenditures.  The new model facilitates two budgetary functions:

  • Provides a reasonable increase in resources to the academic colleges in support of quality summer school programs
  • Provides additional resources to central campus funds for continued funding of the academically focused "Road Map to Top 20" plan.

The revised summer school revenue allocation rates are as follows:


 College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences  61%
 College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities  51%
 College of Business and Behavioral Science  61%
 College of Engineering and Science  61%
 College of Health, Education and Human Development  61%
 Vice President for Research  61%
 Vice President for Academic Administration and Provost (Honors)  61%

Library  4%
Undergraduate Studies  2%
Campus Contribution  33% + 10% of AAH