Finance Division

Vending Committee Fund

Vending Committee Fund guidelines are available below to faculty and others who may be interested in
submitting requests for funding.

Requests for funding should be submitted through the Budget Center Business Offices to the chair of the Vending Committee via email.

  • The following general guidelines, along with availability of funds and priorities established by the Committee, govern the allocation of funds.
  • Requests shall be for specific activities. No "blanket" allocations will be made. These funds cannot be used for alcoholic beverages.
  • Any department or recognized organization of the University may request funds.
  • Requests giving full justification and explanation of intended use of funds must be submitted using the form supplied on the 'P' drive under CUBSRPT entitled Vending Committee Allocation and emailed to the Vending Committee at by June 8, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. through the Budget Center Business Offices.
  • Requests from student organizations funded by Student Government should be channeled through Student Government Finance Committee, and the Office of Student Affairs. Student Government should forward requests to the Vending Committee through the Student Affairs Business Office only if it has no unallocated funds left and endorses the request.
  • Funds should be disbursed in accordance with University policies and procedures regarding the expenditures of vending income.
  • Requests for funding should generally be for activities that are not normally supported by regular departmental operating budgets. Vending funds are not intended to supplement departmental budgets simply because of inadequate funding.
  • Priority will be given to local activities that enhance the intellectual and cultural life of the community.

Currently, the Vending Committee is allocated $125,000 annually from vending machine revenue to distribute based on requests submitted to the Committee.

The Vending Committee is composed of the Budget Director Chair: the Vending Services Coordinator; the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; the Vice-President for Student Affairs; the Director of Support Services; the Faculty Senate President; the Student Body President; the Graduate Student Government President; and the Staff Senate President.

Requests for funding using the form supplied on the "P" drive under CUBSRPT entitled Vending Committee Allocations should be submitted via email to by stated date in the annual notice of acceptance for requests of vending funds through the respective Budget Center Business Office. Notification of award/denial will be sent to the Budget Center Business Office by the end of June. Funds allocated in a fiscal year must be spent that fiscal year.

General guidelines will be provided to the Vending Committee. Decisions by the Vending Committee will be made to align available funds to funding priorities established by the Vending Committee.

The following criteria should be considered in establishing priority for allocation

  • Examine the need.
  • Are there alternative funding sources? Is this the best use of a limited resource?
  • Does the request best serve the University mission?
  • Does the allocation benefit the Campus?

Vending Fund allocations are for one fiscal year.  Any unspent funds by fiscal year end will be returned to the Vending Committee account.