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Last Update: 11/10/95
Effective: 7/1/89
Revision No.: 01
Revised: 11/13/2001

Composition of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of 13 members. Seven members are self-perpetuating life members, and six are term trustees elected for four-year terms by the General Assembly of South Carolina.

Officers of the Board of Trustees

The officers of the Board consist of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and a Secretary. The Chairman of the Board is elected at the annual meeting, in odd-numbered years for a two year term. The chairman shall be ineligible to serve more than three consecutive terms or to serve after reaching age 70; except that a trustee who is elected Chairman before his or her 70th birthday, and who reaches age 70 during his or her term as Chairman, shall be eligible to serve the remainder of the current term. At the next meeting following the election of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman is elected from the membership of the Executive Committee for a two-year term with eligibility for serving for not more than three terms. The Executive Secretary is appointed by the Board to hold office at the pleasure of the Board. Secretarial support to the Board and its committees is provided by the Executive Secretary.

Specific Functions

The Board of Trustees is responsible for governing the University, and is mainly concerned with policy and financial control. These are achieved primarily through the budget and the policies and procedures
which govern its operation.

Key Appointments

The Board of Trustees elects the President to serve at its pleasure. The President may consult with the Board on the appointment and dismissal of officers of the University who report directly to the resident, the five college deans, and the director of the extension service when he deems it appropriate. When a vacancy occurs in any of the aforementioned positions, the President will consult with the Chairman of the Board with respect to a determination of whether there should be trustee representation on the search committee for the position.

Board Relationships with the President

The primary liaison with the President is through the Chairman of the Board. The President and the Executive Secretary are the only University executives with whom the Board officially deals. However, committees of the Board deal regularly with liaison representatives appointed to serve in this capacity.