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Travel Policy

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Effective 1/1/2015

Employees will be reimbursed for travel expenditures in compliance with the University travel guidelines as governed by State and Federal travel regulations. Adequate documentation must exist to allow for verification of expenditures. This policy is applicable to all travel, regardless of the source of funds used for reimbursement.

All travel vouchers submitted for reimbursement are required to have the signature of the traveler certifying the amounts are true and correct and conform to State, Federal and University laws, rules and regulations. All signatures must be original or in an approved electronic format (faxed or electronic mail). No stamped signatures will be accepted. The reimbursement must be approved by the employee’s supervisor or supervisor’s designee. The designee cannot be a direct subordinate of the traveler. The supervisor or designee’s approval is asserting that they are aware of the employee’s travel and the expenditures appear reasonable.

Travel outside the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or Puerto Rico meets the definition of International travel and requires approval prior to departure. International travel funded from sponsored program activities must be approved in advance by Sponsored Programs Accounting.

Under Clemson’s Human Resources Discipline Policy, any employee who falsifies records or documents or willfully violates written rules, regulations or policies can be suspended or terminated from their employment with Clemson University.

All Policies and Procedures are in compliance with the State of South Carolina Appropriations Act, Section 117 General Provisions.

This policy does not apply to reimbursement of travel for non-Clemson employees. Those payments are to be treated as procurement of services according to Procurement policies.


Electronic Approval – approval of a voucher/reimbursement request or of other documentation may be done electronically with a fax/scanned copy of a signed document or via an email from the approver directly from their Clemson email address.

Travel – as described in this policy, is travel more than 10 miles from an employee’s primary office at the University for the purpose of conducting business of the University, attending professional meetings, special demonstration meetings and other related meetings. Expenses related to the cost of relocating/moving are not classified as travel per this policy.

Primary Office – the location of an employee’s office. In the case where an employee works out of more than one office on different campuses/University locations, the employee and their supervisor will agree in writing on a primary office from which travel reimbursement may be allowed if pre-approved by supervisor. Based on work schedule, the Primary Office may change day-to-day or week-to-week, again, as agreed upon in writing with the supervisor.

Reasonable Expense – An expense that is ordinary and reflects a prudent decision to incur the expense on behalf of University business. Not extreme or excessive.