Finance Division

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Swift Code?
The Swift Code is an international code used in transmitting international wires. It assists the sending bank in identifying the location of the receiving financial institution. This code is necessary for all international wire transfers. This code may be obtained from the receiving bank.

What is an ABA number?
The ABA number, also referred to as the bank routing number, is a nine-digit sequence used for identifying domestic financial institutions. The ABA number must be known to complete a domestic electronic transfer. This number may be obtained from the receiving financial institution.

When will my domestic wire be received?
A domestic wire will be posted to the receiving bank account the same day as it is sent.

Is the ABA number the same for an ACH or wire?
It can be but not necessarily. Be certain that when you inquire about the ACH that you specify as to whether you intend to send the transfer via an ACH or wire.

When will my international wire be received?
Typically the funds will be credited to the receiving account within five business days. It is dependent on the country and the bank receiving the funds. International banking systems are different from the US and there can be subtle differences.

My client is stating no receipt of funds. What should I do?
Many times the amount sent is not necessary the amount credited to the receiving bank account. The recipient will usually ask their bank if a specific amount has been received, since bank fees have been applied to the incoming amount, the actual credit will be less.

A vendor has sent my department a form asking for our banking information. What should I do with it?
Fax the form to Cash and Treasury Services at (864-656-5600) or contact Cathy Freeman at (864-656-0530) or