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buyWays Bullets

buyWays Bullets

The Procurement Services Department is pleased to announce the publication of our weekly newsletter, where we intend to communicate updates, tips and reminders.


2014 Publications

Winter 2014 - Managed Print Services, Enterprise Invoices, Mileage Reimbursement Rate Change, Trailer Purchases, Airgas, Training & Open Labs, Requisitioner Training, Listening Tour, Procurement Accomplishments

2013 Publications

January - Receiving, Use Tax for Amazon P-Card orders, Contracts and Invoices, Statewide Term Vehicle Contracts, Travel Trailer Purchase, Donated Vehicles, New Contracts

February - Profile update, buyWays Upgrade, Vendor Registration / Vendor Addition Updates, New Training Lab

Spring 2013 -  Sales/Use Tax, Employee Reimbursement, Campus Dining Form, Quotes, Non-Catalog Form, Simple Invoice, New Contracts, Buyers

Summer 2013 - Approver role, Creating multiple invoices, Promotional/Novelty Items, Enhancement to Car Rental Agreement, 2013 Tax Free Holiday, Print Smart, Ink/Toner Supplies

Fall 2013 - Requisitioner Certification, P-Card use with Amazon/Paypal, Microsoft Software, Pipette Contract, NEW Vendor Registration Site, Enterprise Invoices, Check Schedule, Print Services

2012 Publications

January - Survey Results, Vendor Payments, New Contract February - Vendor Fair, P-card signatures, software buys, Sales Tax exempt March - Vendor Fair, Hold For Pick Up Checks, Upgrade Impacts April - Managed Print Services, Bill To & Ship To Addresses, Auto Maintenance, Surplus
May - Mananged Print, Grainger/LSS, Suplus Property, Contracts, Staples Fair June - FYE, Final Flag, FAQ's, Staples Training

July - Upgrade Information, Bill to/Ship to Addresses,Search Enhancements

August - Enterprise, Contracts and Price References
September - Surplus, Ricoh, Contracts October - Paper, Advertising, P-Card, Sales Tax November - Contract, m.Clemson mobile app, December - Training, Holiday Payment Schedule - PCard

2011 Publications

January - FAQ's, Taxable vs Non-Taxable, Contract Demos, New Vendor Information February - 2011 Vendor Fair March - 2011 Tips April

May- 2011

New Vendor Registration

June - Barnes & Noble, Surplus, Browsers, Travel with American Airline July - Upgrade Information August  - New Dollar Limits, Payment Terms, Approval Code Setup
September October - Fisher & VWR Contracts, Microscope, Vendor payments

November  - Upgrade Edition - Vendor Payment Term/Flags, Email Preference, Record Search


2010 Issues

January - Receipts, Stationery, Desktop Scanners February - Grove Medical, Requisition Descriptions, Favorites March - buyWays upgrade info, Toner & Toner Scam, Contract Suppliers

April- Account Code Distribution, Sole Source Procurements, SHI and Grove Medical, Notes and Attachments
May - Year End Reminders June - Negative Assurance of a Receipt, Direct Payments, Change Orders July - Upgrade Information - Search Enhancements, Workflow modifications, New Clemson Contracts August - Adding a new user, associating a contract, new contract suppliers
September - Credit Memo, Invoice Numbers, Electronic Payment Flag October - Upgrade Information - Shopping Cart Enhancements - Green Procurment, Chartfield Errors

November - Sustainable Procurement Policy

December - Profile, New Product Search Capability, Remove Zero Dollar Amounts, New Training Lab Times

2009 Issues

8.14.09 Issue 1 Search Tips/Paper Contract Info 9.17.09 Issue 5
Sole Source Issue
10.16.09 Issue 9
Search History, Approving Requisitions, Edit Carts
11.12.09 Issue 13
Found A Better Price?
8.24.09 Issue 2
Print Options - Stationary, Copying, Name Plates, etc.
9.24.09 Issue 6
Internal vs. External Notes, Surplus Property
10.20.09 Issue 10
Procurement Certification (SPAA 44), Dollar Quantity Requisitions
11.20.09 Issue 14
Invoicing Nuances, Puchout vs. Hosted Suppliers Explained
9.02.09 Issue 3 Returned Requisitions, Splitting Accounting Codes 9.30.09 Issue 7
Invoice # is the PS Voucher Number
10.28.09 Issue 11
Item Descriptions, HP Printer Info
9.10.09 Issue 4 Change Orders, Receipts, Rental Car Codes 10.6.09 Issue 8
Receipt Instructions
11.04.09 Issue 12
Upgrade Enhancements Explained


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