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Draft of Clemson University Athletic Department

Marketing Scope of Request for Proposal

BACKGROUND: The Clemson University Athletic Department (CUAD) men's and women's basketball programs anticipate playing the 2015-16 basketball season in Greenville, S.C., due to reconstruction of the on-campus arena.  At a minimum, nine men's and eight women's basketball games (a majority of the Atlantic Coast Conference games) are scheduled to be played in Greenville.  The exact dates will be announced around August 2015.

SCOPE: The Clemson University Athletic Department requests written proposals from qualified public relations/advertising businesses/agencies (Contractor) to assist the department in the following areas:

  1. Increase public awareness, season and single-game ticket sales for the Clemson men's and women's basketball teams playing the 2015-16 basketball season in Greenville at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena;
  2. Develop a plan to capture new fans/ticket purchasers while playing in Greenville with the overall goal to create the desire for fans to purchase season or single-game tickets for the 2016-17 season when the teams returns to campus;
  3. Although a marketing plan will be executed on the Clemson campus to persuade students to attend the games in Greenville, we would seek marketing/event opportunities in the Greenville area to convince Clemson students to attend the games and visit downtown Greenville;
  4. Develop opportunities to continually improve the image, public perception and awareness of not only the men's and women's basketball teams, but also Clemson Athletics throughout the Upstate of South Carolina with the possible opportunities to include the entire state of South Carolina; groups include elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and the general public; specific NCAA rules and guidelines must be followed as it pertains to this request regarding prospective student-athletes;
  5. A detailed line-item budget to include all expenses associated with the plans noted above, as well as a draft of required time-lines;
  6. Execution of plan can begin November 1, 2014;
  7. The Terms of the agreement is expected to run from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2016, with possible extensions associated with the agreement;


To be considered for the award, all Contractors should submit, at a minimum, the following information.  All information should be presented in the listed order:

  1. Provide name and address of Contractor's company and the date it was founded;
  2. Provide name, mailing and e-mail address, and telephone number of Contractor's authorized agent with the authority to bind the company and answer any questions concerning the Contract's proposal response;
  3. Provide a detailed brief of the Contractor's company;
  4. Include references from officials with whom the Contractor's company has done business/  Although not required, experience in Division 1 Athletics or higher education is preferred.  Contractors should provide a detailed explanation of their experience with projects of similar magnitude as outlined in the Scope;
  5. Provide the following:
      1.  a cost effective overview/outline of the areas of emphasis noted in the Scope;
      2.  an overview of the campaign including an annual budget providing three ranges of price;
      3.  a timeline to complete the overview/outline and a game-plan for evaluation for each phase;
  6. Provide opportunities and pricing for CUAD to utilize Contractor outside the Scope of this request for proposal for other marketing, advertising, graphic, technology items;


  1. Clemson Athletics has relationships with radio affiliates, billboard companies, television stations and newspaper/print companies throughout the State of South Carolina and Clemson Athletics can utilize those relationships to secure preferred pricing in some areas;
  2. All questions in regard to the RFP must be placed in writing to Mike Money at the e-mail address or post office box noted below.  The questions will be answered at the voluntary meeting (see below) and email to all who have submitted questions after that meeting.  To receive the questions and responses please email Mike Money;
  3. A voluntary meeting to answer questions regarding this Request for Proposal will take place on May 21, 2014 at 10:00 am in the McFadden Team Room on the Clemson University campus;
  4. RFP due by 4:30 pm June 23, 2014;
  5. At the discretion of Clemson Athletics, a small group of Contractors could be asked to provide a 30-minute presentation to the group. Potential contractors will be provided at a minimum of two-week notice regarding presentations.

All RFP's and questions should be addressed to:

Mike Money,
Assistant Athletic Director
Clemson University
P.O. Box 31
Clemson, SC  29633

Criteria for RFP

  1. The RFP will be evaluated on the following criteria and awarded to one Contractor under the following conditions:
      1. the creativity and efficiency of the game-plan and action items, and how the game-plan can be used for the items noted in the scope;
      2. the timeline to complete and execute the game-plan;
      3. the ability to bring unique opportunities to the table;
      4. the overall cost to accomplish the required tasks;