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CELL PHONES: Update 5/11/2015

Effective September 1, 2009, the University will begin transitioning University paid cell to personal plans as required by the recently approved Personal Communication Services Policy that takes effect October 15, 2009. The new policy was approved by the Administrative Council and Budget Strategies Task Force on August 10, 2009 as a result of a University Task Force opportunity for cost savings on campus.

Both new staff that qualify for the program, as well as individuals who have already transitioned their phones to the previous stipend program, will need to be evaluated and assigned into the program by their supervisor based on the new criteria and stipend amounts.

This page provides information on various wireless carriers regarding transition information from University owned devices to personal devices in accordance with the recently approved Personal Communication Services Policy that will become effective on October 15, 2009. The policy can be found at:

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the policy.

The information below is provided for convenience only. If you have any questions about your specific options or how to transition your plan, please contact your wireless carrier at the information found in the details below.


Contact: Travis Belman - Account Manager, Government and Education, 803-210-5760 or

Transfer of Service steps

Access the below website to attach to the new FAN which is 2648965.

Advise sales rep at retail store that line should be attached to 2648965.


Contact: Tommy Coker - 864-444-0042 -

Website Link - Vista Sprint - - follow "transfer your account..." link at top of page.

Go Green and save.  Clemson faculty and staff are eligible to receive a 23% discount on sprint services.  When you purchase online, you will get $50 service credit and no shipping charges. Existing Sprint customers can validate or request this discount at


Contact: Brandi White - 864-978-9299, 864-230-6100   FAX 864-254-6983

Verizon Customer Service - 800-922-0204

Clemson University employees are eligible for a 19% discount on qualifying rate plans. Contact Brandi if you need clarification.

Your best price for equipment purchases and new lines of service will be through using your on line My Verizon account at

Use your email domain.  That email domain is directly tied to your discount.

Clemson Employee profile is 557493

To add discounts to existing lines, go to Enter your email addess.  You will get an email from Verizon Wireless. Open the link in the email and click existing customer or register your line.  Complete the information requested and then email with your mobile # to confirm that the discount has been properly applied.