Finance Division

Sam's Club Card Procedures

  1. The annual charge for each card will be $15 (Current Membership Fee).  A signed IDO for the annual fee must be attached to the Sam's Card application.  The application can be found under Procurement Forms on Procurement Services’ home page.
  2. When the application is approved in Procurement, a letter addressed to Sam’s Club will be e-mailed to the cardholder.  This letter is needed by Sam’s Club Customer Service to issue the card.
  3. The card will be in the cardholder’s name with the cardholder’s picture.  The cardholder must be present to use the card.  The card cannot be loaned to a student or other employee.  Cards will not be issued to temporary employees or students.
  4. A signed IDO and the receipt must be sent to Procurement Services within 5 days of the purchase.  You may scan the IDO and receipt and e-mail it to or fax it to 656-2394.

Procurement contact:  
Lynn Crawford at
Phone:  656-2808
Fax:  656-2394