Finance Division

Cash and Treasury Operations


The Cash and Treasury Operations Team supports the mission and vision of Clemson University by managing the banking, cash and investment functions for all University funds. The Team develops strategies to optimize return on investment through the efficient use of financial resources, ensure strong economic value and leverage cash flow to fulfill the strategic plan of the University, while maintaining a balanced approach to managing financial risks, market exposures and policy considerations.


The Cash and Treasury Operations Team will be recognized by Clemson University and the State of South Carolina as a leader in providing cash and treasury management strategies successfully that address the unique demands of a state-funded institution of higher education, ensure financial and institutional integrity, and minimize risks to the University and its stakeholders while optimizing returns.


Name Phone Email
Steve Crump, Associate Comptroller 864-656-0586
Phyllis Dunne,  Fiscal Manager
Andrea Owens-Meadows,  Senior Financial Analyst and Project Manager
Karen Robbins,  Director of University Revenue and Receivables
Charles Tegen,  Comptroller    864-656-3728

For more information, please visit the Department of Cash and Treasury website.