Finance Division

CFO Teams

Business Enhancement Strategies

The Business Enhancement Strategies Team will be a service-oriented team recognized for excellence in financial and business management consulting, planning and analysis supporting University decision makers in achieving efficient resource utilization.

Cash and Treasury Operations

The Cash and Treasury Operations Team will be recognized by Clemson University and the State of South Carolina as a leader in providing cash and treasury management strategies successfully that address the unique demands of a state-funded institution of higher education, ensure financial and institutional integrity, and minimize risks to the University and its stakeholders while optimizing returns.

Capital Planning and Financing

The Capital Planning and Financing Team will be a trusted advisor to the University’s executive leadership in all matters related to capital planning and financing. It will provide cost-effective strategies to ensure efficient resource utilization in acquiring real capital, meeting infrastructure needs, and funding the University’s plan.

Resource Efficiency and Process Improvement

The Resource Efficiency and Process Improvement Team is a service-oriented team recognized as a self-sustaining enterprise known for consistently delivering solutions that better utilize resources while maximizing student’s value. The Team will identify opportunities and expeditiously provide sustainable process improvements and measureable results.