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CU-LEAN Training Program

Clemson offers four training programs geared toward enabling individuals to lead and participate in process improvement projects. The Lean Office provides training opportunities for all interested employees including those wanting to participate in a Lean project and those simply wanting to understand Lean concepts for Higher Education.

Executive Level Training

This level of training provides an overview of the entire Lean program. It has been designed specifically for executives, deans, and other high level management. This brief presentation describes what Lean is and how the Lean office intends to deploy Lean across campus. The purpose of this training is to inform on-campus leadership and encourage its support on process improvement projects across campus.

  • Executive Level Training is a one-hour training course.

White Belt Training

This level of training is the first step to becoming a Clemson Lean employee. White Belt training introduces the basic concepts of Lean, the importance of change and improvement, and the goals of the CU-LEAN program. The purpose is to show all levels of employees the role they can play as a part of larger processes and to encourage them to seek out improvement possibilities continuously. The following must be completed in order to become white belt certified:

  • In Class Training (three-hour course)
  • Participate in a Lean event and serve as a team member
  • Pass Certification Test

Sign up for White Belt Training here.

Purple Belt Training

This level of training introduces a more in-depth understanding of Lean tools, the DMAIC process, and how these are used. Purple Belts are members of project teams and have opportunities to earn awards for their efforts.  The purpose of this training is to provide team members with the tools and knowledge they need to participate in Lean process improvement projects.

  • Purple Belt Training is a three-hour training course.

Orange Belt Training

This is the most advanced training offered by the Clemson Lean Office. Orange Belts receive thorough training in Lean principles, its tools, and the DMAIC process. Orange Belts lead project teams and receive an award for their achievements in improvement. Orange Belts must be selected by both the Lean Council and their supervisor prior to enrollment in the Lean training. This training allows employees to lead a process improvement project team, with the support of their mentor and the Lean Office.

  • Orange Belt Training is a two-part training course, for a total of six training hours.

If you are interested in receiving training, please email Lisa Knox.