Student Financial Aid Federal School Code: 003425


Students have the right to appeal or request a review of various financial aid components. The information below describes the most typical types of requests. When submitting an appeal, please use the Financial Aid Appeal Form as a cover to your request. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee approval.

General Appeals

Students who feel that they have received an unsatisfactory response to a financial aid request can appeal. Along with the appeal form, you can submit a letter to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee stating your situation and requested change.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

If you have received notice that you are ineligible for financial aid because of a failure to maintain “Satisfactory Academic Progress” because of a low GPA or lack of credit hours completed, you can appeal to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. To appeal, you must submit a detailed letter documenting the extenuating circumstances for why the deficiency has occurred, actions you have taken to resolve the issue and any supporting documentation.

University Scholarship Appeals

To appeal the loss of a University-funded scholarship, you must submit the financial aid appeal form along with a letter and supporting documentation to the University Scholarships and Awards Committee (in c/o Student Financial Aid Office). As part of the appeal, you must clearly document the extenuating circumstances that contributed to not meeting the minimum requirements for renewal of your scholarship(s).  If the rationale for your extenuating circumstance is medical in nature, you must also provide documentation from someone with a level of expertise.  Please note that failure to maintain the minimum GPR for renewal is not appealable unless there is a significant and extenuating circumstance that affected your ability to meet the required GPR.

Need-Based Eligibility Appeals

If you have extenuating circumstances or a significant change in financial status since you filed the FAFSA, you can write to the Financial Aid Office and request a review. If a review is warranted, you will be requested to provide additional supporting documentation.

State of South Carolina Scholarship Appeals

To appeal the loss of a state scholarship (Palmetto Fellows or LIFE), you must appeal directly to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE) as Clemson University doesn’t have the authority to make exceptions to state legislation and/or regulations. More information can be found at the Commission’s Web site. The CHE deadline for appeals is Oct. 1.