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Building Family Strengths

Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service is putting knowledge to work to strengthen South Carolina families. Programs and activities are designed to recognize the uniqueness and diversity of families and thus foster and support the idea that strong families:

Blue Butterfly ...believe in open and honest Communication
Blue Butterfly ...experience Contentment with their lifestyle
Blue Butterfly ...have a sense of family History
Blue Butterfly ...have a sense of Humor
Blue Butterfly ...have a sense of Optimism about life
Blue Butterfly ...exhibit Resiliency during change
Blue Butterfly ...have high Self-esteem
Blue Butterfly ...have a sense of Spirituality
Blue Butterfly ...encourage Unity and family togetherness
Blue Butterfly ...share common Values

Strong Families Build Strong Communities

The ten Family Strengths listed above provide the framework for a comprehensive approach to strengthening families by focusing on developmental stages throughout the lifecycle. Individuals within the family unit can help the family grow stronger. However, strengthening families will not just happen; it takes some effort. When people have strong families, they are more likely to become responsible, productive citizens.

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