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Building Family Strengths:

Communication is engaging in clear, open, affirming speaking and consistent, empathetic listening, leading to constructive conflict management and problem-solving.

Key Points

Notepad and pen Strong families communicate easily and well - frequently, openly, clearly, and directly. They do a good deal of sharing of themselves - their feelings, hopes, dreams, fears, joys, sorrows, experiences, growth, and needs.
Notepad and pen Perhaps the most important communication skill is listening. Active listening is essential to effective family communication and is vital to hearing and being heard in the family unit.
Notepad and pen People are busy and have many demands to meet. However, it is critical that families find ways to increase the amount of talking they do together and continue to look for ways to improve their communication skills.
Notepad and pen In strong families, the members may listen to each other. On the other side of the coin, they must express their own wants and needs clearly. A frequent communication error is not making individual wants and needs known clearly.
Notepad and pen Strong families are not conflict-free. However, the focus is on resolving the issue or solving the problem, with little emphasis on blaming and faultfinding.
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