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In an ideal world, healthy people are a part of healthy families, and healthy families make up healthy communities. When a family member falls ill, the entire household suffers. There has been a dramatic increase in the health issues that attack our communities. Physical, emotional, and financial factors all play an integral part in the health of a community. It is imperative that diversity, socioeconomic, and psychosocial behaviors are all addressed when developing and planning programs for communities. Health is a very important issue to the community.

Devoting my time to numerous research and educational initiatives, I am responsible for developing linkages between the university and other research institutions, health organizations, government, health care provider groups, and more importantly, community. Teaching and training communities to be empowered by resources that are readily available to them, building health research capacity, I provide direct support and guidance to existing and new health researchers attempting to develop and maintain community links, create new partnerships, and maintain ongoing dialogue for opportunities for collaboration. To support educational programs in the area of population and public health, I work diligently to establish partnerships with members of the community to offer practical placements, creative inquiry and community service-learning opportunities for students.

The mission of the community initiatives I oversee are to promote policies, programs, partnerships and research that help to eliminate the unequal burden of health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities and medically underserved populations in the US and its territories. I am a representative for Clemson University and South Carolina. I consider myself as a "change agent." The work I perform is essential in addressing health disparities from the "ground" up. Responsibilities are, but not limited to, the following:


Because of collaboration between Clemson University Cooperative Extension, TCAT and others, there are research, education and service learning opportunities available through the following:

Health, Healing & Humor
Health, Healing & Humor is designed to challenge participants to become self-health advocates for themselves and their families. To promote positive health changes in their respective communities.
Healthy Spirits
Healthy Spirits is cardiovascular disease intervention project offered to African-Americans in Anderson and Oconee through their churches. To request this program, please contact Marian Robinson.
Learn, Share, & Live
Learn, Share, & Live is an educational program designed to introduce the concept of awareness, to show how early detection of breast cancer saves lives, and to demonstrate the connection between an abstract concept (breast cancer) and a concrete exercise (bead necklace).
Coalition Building
Strong community programming encompasses collaboration / networking, capacity and coalition building, strategic planning, and community assessments.

Community Health Resources

AnMed Health - a community-wide system (in Anderson, S.C.) for improving the health status of its citizens
Cancer Prevention & Control (CDC) - develops, implements, & promotes effective cancer prevention & control practices
Clemson University Department of Public Health Sciences
Clemson University School of Nursing
The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation - education and research on breast cancer causes, treatment and the search for a cure
National Cancer Institute - the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research & training
Partners for a Healthy Community - develops and nurtures healthy communities through partnerships
S.C. Cancer Alliance - coordinates comprehensive cancer control planning and implementation for S.C.
S.C. Division of Cancer Prevention and Control - collaborates with individuals, organizations and communities to encourage and facilitate cancer prevention, early detection and appropriate care for those diagnosed with cancer
Joseph F. Sullivan Center - provides practice opportunities for students and faculty while providing quality health care services to target populations
Susan G. Komen Upstate South Carolina Affiliate - the Upstate S.C. affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

For more information on the Community Health programs, contact Marian A. Robinson.

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