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Building Family Strengths:

Contentment is the state of being happy enough with what one has or is; not desiring something more or different. Contented families are steadfast, and do not allow others to define for them what they have to be and have as a family.

Key Points

Spring Flowers Strong families base their life style on what they can afford and can reasonably enjoy - on a concept of stewardship that stresses gratitude for what they have, not whining after what they do not have.
Spring Flowers

Contentment can be summarized in the following reading.

Fortunate is the person,
Who in this life can find
A purpose that can fill their days,
And goals to fill their mind!

The world is filled with little people,
Content with where they are;
Not knowing joys success can bring,
No will to go that far.

Yet in this world there is a need,
For people to lead the rest,
To rise above the “average” life,
By giving of their best!

Would you be one, who dares to try
When challenged by the task!
To rise to heights you’ve never seen,
Or is that too much to ask?

This is your day - a world to win,
Great purpose to achieve.
Accept the challenge of your goals
And in yourself believe!

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