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Building Family Strengths:

As human beings, part of our connectedness has to do with our connection to the past. In strong families, there is a strong sense of family history.

Key Points

Book Strong families have a need for connection to the past - they have a history and are affected by that history. Family history provides roots - a sense of belonging.
Book Strong families have a sense of history that provides a sense of responsibility for many generations.
Book Family history can be promoted by:
  • telling favorite family stories;
  • teaching important events / activities to family members;
  • keeping up with family members when they move away;
  • going to family gatherings;
  • communicating through letters, emails, video tapes, audio tapes, etc.;
  • making sure children know their family members;
  • keeping family traditions alive; and
  • remembering special family vacations or outings.
Book The past influences the present in many ways. Things that may seem insignificant when they occur can turn out to have a profound influence on the family’s lives.
Book Strong families will often look at significant events that changed their life and how they influenced who they are today.
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