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Building Family Strengths:

Humor changes brain chemistry, releasing endorphins that increase our sense of well-being, improve our reasoning powers and make us less sensitive to pain. Laughter is a proven stress reducer. A good belly laugh improves breathing and reduces muscle tension. Families who have joy in their lives are more likely to feel good about themselves. It also seems fairly obvious that having a sense of humor helps families cope with life’s stresses and crises. Humor can ultimately be used as a coping tool for families.

Key Points

Jack-in-the-box Humor is very beneficial in strengthening families. It gives families perspective and a sense of power. Humor also dispels anger and aggression and relieves tension among family members.
Jack-in-the-box Families that learn to find humor, even in some of the grim realities and emotion-packed challenges of daily life, have an edge on peace of mind. But this mindset takes practice.
Jack-in-the-box Humor makes life fun. It is a safety valve for the expression of anger and other strong feelings.
Jack-in-the-box Humor is mentally and physically good for families offering perspective and balance, while providing temporary relief from the world’s restrictive regulations.
Jack-in-the-box Humor is a means of communication and creative expression.
Jack-in-the-box Humor affirms life and brings families together.
Jack-in-the-box Humor is a way to express the truth, even when the truth is feared.
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