Recipe Guidelines

Use the following checklist with each recipe you use in Extension programs.

____ 1. Is the recipe a good example of one or more of the basic food groups?
____ 2. Does the recipe follow the dietary guidelines? In general, extension recipes should be low in sugar, fat, and salt and high in flavor. Analyze the nutritional value of the recipe. Include calories, sodium, cholesterol and fat on the recipe.
____ 3. Is the recipe an inflation fighter? We can all benefit from low cost recipes, but only a few benefit from expensive dishes. The ingredients should be available to most people.
____ 4. Has the recipe been used as an effective teaching tool? Have you stressed proper handling and storage? Did you describe use of “planned overs”? What’s needed to complete the meal?
____ 5. Is the recipe appropriate for the audience? Resources can include time, skills, and equipment. Today’s cooks want recipes that are quick and simple to prepare, use a limited number of ingredients and equipment, and taste good.
____ 6. Was the recipe tested?
EEH 2/98  

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