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Website Accessibility Statement

You will need the Adobe Reader to access the printable version of the Website Accessibility Statement.

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Extension Family & Consumer Sciences (EFCS) will follow the standards established under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, amended in 1998 by the Work Force Investment Act (Section 1194.22 and its subsequent amendments) as its minimal requirements for Web accessibility.

EFCS will follow the course of action stated below to ensure that its website, located at, complies with Section 508 standards:

  1. The EFCS webmaster will attend web accessibility training classes offered through the TSP program and CCIT at Clemson University.
    1. The webmaster has attended the following courses:
      1. Section 508 Web Accessibility Class: 11/17/05
      2. Flash Video - Accessibility: 11/29/05
      3. How to Make Your Website Section 508 Accessible: 01/23/06
      4. Introduction to Web Accessibility and HiSoftware AccVerify: 11/01/07
  2. Check all webpages and Adobe Acrobat files on the EFCS website to make sure that they are accessible.
    1. The following tools will be used to check for accessibility:
      1. Accessibility Checker in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3;
      2. HiSoftware's AccVerify;
      3. AIS Web Accessibility Toolbar developed by Vision Australia;
      4. Other miscellaneous accessibility tools.
  3. Any webpages or files found not to be accessible will be fixed or rewritten to make them accessible.

A text version of the website accessibility statement is available or you can contact the EFCS webmaster with any of your accessibility concerns.

Linda L. McGee
Information Resource Coordinator I
Family Outreach
Clemson University
235 Poole Agricultural Center
Clemson, S.C. 29634-0753
Telephone: (864) 656-3310
Fax: (864) 656-5723

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