The date has been set. Get ready for year 4 on April 3! Mark your calendars and get ready to join your Clemson family in giving back.

Last year, the Clemson Family stood together and united as one. You helped us raise over $2 million for Clemson’s greatest needs. You were ALL IN, and your commitment was clear. Because of your support, we can provide students with experiences they will never forget. Thank you, Clemson Family, for keeping our Tigers on top. We need your continued support to make our 3rd year just as memorable!

Stay tuned as we count down to the big day together!

    Big Things Start Small

    When we all come together, contributing what we can, there is no limit to the impact we can have on Clemson. That's the power of family - one dollar becomes a building, one gift becomes a scholarship for a new student, and one day becomes a culture of generosity.

    Topping the charts at Clemson University, South Carolina

    Top the Charts

    If we all give on April 4, our increasing number of donors will help Clemson's alumni participation ranking. Last year we were ranked #4 in the nation - let's aim for the top!

    Make an impact at Clemson University, South Carolina

    Increase the Impact

    By giving on Give Day, you are helping Clemson address some of its most pressing needs. Clemson is already making quite an impact - imagine the lives that can be changed by a better and stronger Clemson.

    Unite the Family at Clemson University, South Carolina

    Unite the Family

    Giving back is a powerful experience that brings communities together. With a place this special and a family this loyal, there's no limit to what we can accomplish together. Show your pride and join us on Give Day!

    Strategic focus on living experience at Clemson University, South Carolina

    Pursue the Goal

    The University's 10-year strategic plan, ClemsonForward, was launched in the summer of 2016. The plan's four key foundations, Research, Engagement, Academic Core and Living, are vital to ensure that the University fulfills its core mission and ranks among the nation's top 20 public universities.