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Phonathon Program at Clemson

The Clemson University Phonathon Program is an integral part of Clemson University's annual fundraising drive. The phonathon is in need of confident, well-spoken students who are able to communicate the University's funding needs to alumni, parents and friends of Clemson.

No prior experience is needed. You will receive paid telemarketing sales training. Unlike most telemarketing positions, there are no cold calls! Everyone you speak with will already have a connection to Clemson University. Your role will be to act as an ambassador of the University and turn that connection into funding to meet immediate needs here at Clemson University.

Phonathon Job Information

Phonathon is the perfect part-time job for your busy student lifestyle.

  • $8/hr to start
  • design your own schedule
  • bonuses, raises and promotions
  • on-campus location
  • training
  • prizes from local area businesses
  • raise money for a great cause

Design your schedule around your classes and extracurricular activities. Our weekly schedule is provided below. Choose from one to five shifts and work from three to 20 hours per week. Day shifts are also sometimes available to students who meet their phonathon shift requirements.

Sunday: 6 - 9 p.m.
Monday - Thursday: 6:15 - 9 p.m

Apply Online! 

If you think you would be a great candidate to call on alumni, parents and friends, please fill out the online application. You must be a currently enrolled student.

For more information, please call McKenzie Durham at 864-656-0941 or email

Results From Last Fiscal Year

Total Calls Attempted: 96,086
Total Contacted: 18,798
Total Dollars Raised: $1,853,014.58