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Clemson celebrates openings of two new facilities

Clemson celebrated the ribbon cuttings of two new spaces on campus in mid-October 2015—the Freeman Hall expansion and the Adobe Digital Studio in Cooper Library.

Freeman Hall Expansion

The $10-million, 21,000 sq. ft. addition to Freeman Hall, home to the industrial engineering department, includes 15 faculty offices, two large student spaces, three conference rooms, four offices for administration, and an auditorium with seating for 100.

The addition is opening as the department is rapidly expanding—enrollment rose over 161 percent in 10 years, growing to 546 students in 2014. This heightened interest in industrial engineering speaks to the changing international marketplace, as there is an increased need for industrial engineers who understand the unique challenges specific to nations across the world.

Freeman Hall Expansion [Clemson University, Clemson, SC]     

Freeman Hall’s addition was funded by Clemson’s online Master of Engineering program, led by Dr. Bill Ferrell, which focuses on supply chain and logistics. Fluor Corporation has been a strong supporter of this program.

“Supply chain and logistics are an integral component of the successful execution of global capital projects,” Fluor Chairman and CEO David T. Seaton said. “That’s critically important not only for Fluor, but the entire engineering and construction industry. The expansion of Freeman Hall and the supply chain and logistics program help take our efforts to the next level.”

The grand opening of Freeman Hall expansion is just another piece of a longstanding partnership between Clemson and Fluor. Highlights of the collaboration between Clemson and Fluor include:

  • The company’s $2 million contribution in 2007 was matched by $2 million from the South Carolina SmartState fund to establish a Center of Economic Excellence. The money included funding for the Fluor Endowed Chair in Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics, which has been held by Scott Mason since its inception.
  • Fluor contributed $1.5 million in 2013 to create the Fluor-Clemson International Capital Projects Supply Chain Partnership, which is helping expand the online master’s program.
  • Earlier this year, Ferrell was named the Fluor-Clemson International Capital Supply Chain Partnership Professor in Industrial Engineering. The professorship is designed to support and enhance the industrial engineering department’s partnership with Fluor Corporation, the department’s ongoing teaching and research efforts in supply chain logistics, and the Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering.

“Fluor and Clemson have developed a wonderful relationship over the past seven years,” Ferrell said. “It has been exciting and humbling to be a part of that relationship. This addition will help us further research into international supply chains and create the next generation of leaders for industry.

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Adobe Digital Studio

The opening of the Adobe Digital Studio in the R.M. Cooper Library will establish Clemson as a leader in digital creativity and innovation.

A partnership between Clemson and Adobe began last spring when Clemson became the only university in the country to provide free access to Adobe’s Creative Cloud software programs. The Adobe Digital Studio will be a tangible cornerstone of the partnership, a place where Clemson students, faculty, and staff can collaborate and create using Adobe’s powerful tools.

The studio features a soundproof audio production studio, a video production studio, collaborative workstations, a high-resolution scanner and a nine-display Behance wall that serves as a focal point for inspiration.

The Behance wall—one of only three in the country and the only one outside of Adobe headquarters—streams projects from Adobe’s Behance eportfolio site based on the current search criterion.

“The opening of the Adobe Digital Studio, truly a ‘maker space’ for digital creativity, is a landmark event for Clemson,” said Jim Bottum, vice provost and chief information officer at Clemson. “The studio will be transformational, and I am proud of the effort between our team at Clemson and Adobe that made this possible.”

Clemson’s Athletic Communications Department is already receiving national recognition for its revamped approach to digital marketing, social media, and creative content generation using the Adobe tools. The department employ student interns to shoot video footage, create compelling infographics and visual recaps of athletic events, and manage the Athletic social media accounts, which have gained over 400,000 new followers in the past two years thanks to the Adobe software tools.

“The Adobe partnership has been instrumental in not only the creation of content, but also the cultivating of relationships campus wide amongst faculty, staff and students.  From that, we've been able to identify passionate students and student-athletes who have a knack for creativity and who are able to bring ideas to fruition from the use of industry standard software in the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Fostering creativity is the key to our success in delivering quality content and the Adobe partnership has been imperative to those efforts,” says Nik Conklin, Coordinator of Digital Content for Clemson Athletic Communications.

The video recap below, shot by three Athletic Communications student interns from three different majors, shows an overview of Adobe’s recent visit to campus and the impact of the partnership on Clemson’s ability to create high-quality, visually compelling digital content.

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