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Moldex3D announced as newest corporate partner for CU-ICAR

On Thursday, April 2, Clemson University celebrated the announcement of a $1.625 million gift from CoreTech System Co. Ltd. (Moldex3D) to support education and research at the Clemson University International Automotive Research Center (CU-ICAR).

This gift includes 25 seats of the latest Moldex3D Advanced package and Solution Added-on modules including Fiber and MuCell. This industry leading software in the field of injection molding will provide students, faculty, and staff in Clemson’s automotive engineering department with an important tool for education and research.

Dr. Srikanth Pilla [Clemson University, Clemson, SC]Dr. Srikanth Pilla, Assistant Professor of Automotive Engineering at Clemson, will have increased research and educational capabilities as a result of this generous gift. Pilla’s research focuses on injection molding, specifically supercritical fluid-assisted foam injection molding, which contributes to the research and development of new materials for vehicle lightweighting.

Pilla’s research is critical to the automotive industry, especially in the effort to produce more sustainable vehicles. In 2011, the Obama administration agreed to new CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards with the United Auto Workers and 13 major automotive manufacturers. To comply with these standards, by 2025 new cars and light trucks would need to average 54.5 miles per gallon of gasoline—about double the current average.

According to Pilla, this goal can only be achieved through innovative processes and new manufacturing technologies. His lab works on developing these new technologies, including injection molding integrated thermoforming and integrated supercritical fluid technology. The Moldex3D software provides a virtual platform to test these experiments, reducing the time-intensiveness and costliness of the research.

The impact of this collaboration between CU-ICAR and Moldex3D can be seen through the success that Pilla’s lab has already achieved: using supercritical technology, which reduces the density of components without compromising functionality or strength, Pilla and his graduate students have been able to achieve weight reductions of 10-20%, and they are quickly heading toward 30%. His goal is to reach a 50% weight reduction in the next few years.

The important research and educational opportunities provided by CU-ICAR are preparing Clemson students to be the next generation of leaders in the automotive industry, and Moldex3D shares this commitment to education.Moldex3D Gift Announcement [Clemson University, Clemson, SC]

“As the world’s largest independent CAE software developer, we are truly pleased for the opportunity to partner with Clemson University, which has one of the most elite automotive engineering programs in the world, to help students gain more practical hands-on CAE experiences and further equip them with a viable simulation ability to compete in the future job market,” said Anthony Yang, president of Moldex3D Northern America.

Clemson President James P. Clements agrees. “I am thrilled to have Moldex3D as the newest corporate partner for CU-ICAR, and I thank them for their support. They are true industry leaders, and I know that our students and faculty in automotive engineering will benefit greatly from being able to use and learn from their software.”

The Moldex3D gift is part of Clemson’s The Will to Lead capital campaign to raise $1 billion to support Clemson students and faculty with scholarships, professorships, facilities, technology and enhanced opportunities for learning and research.

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