Will to Lead Campaign

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It’s about goals — meeting critical needs while we lead Clemson to the future

Support for our students and faculty is crucial. In order to fund the areas of strategic need pinpointed in trustees-approved 2020 Road Map, our committed volunteers made the bold campaign goal of $1 billion. This is the largest goal ever set by a public university with an alumni base of our size.

It’s about success — look how far we have come in support of students and faculty

The Will to Lead campaign began in 2006 when the Clemson University Foundation recommended a campaign to raise needed support for Clemson students and faculty. In spite of one of the worst economic climates in our nation’s history, our alumni and friends answered the call with determined spirit, exceeding our July 2012 goal of $600 million by nearly $9 million. These funds allowed Clemson to

  • grant 357 scholarships and fellowships to deserving students,
  • establish 95 new endowed chairs, professorships and faculty support,
  • increase student engagement opportunities including the Creative Inquiry program, and
  • impact through new construction or renovation more than one million square feet of facilities.

And now we lead on to our $1 billion goal. For future students. For future opportunities. The future won’t wait. And neither will we.

Your Will to Lead makes Clemson great. We need it now more than ever.

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