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Seeding the Future

A bumper crop of genetic data will help boost yields and equip plants to cope with pests, diseases, and weather extremes.

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Checking the vitals of a river

Hundreds of sensors along the 312-mile Savannah River will collect and transmit real-time data about water quality and quantity to scientists in a wide-ranging study of river ecology.

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A gnawing problem

Clemson has a gnawing problem. Squirrels chew the bark on tree limbs, weakening the tree, killing the limbs.

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the colors of indigo

Andrea Feeser's new book, Red, White, and Black Make Blue: Indigo in the Fabric of Colonial South Carolina Life, tells a new kind of indigo story, in multiple hues.

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Stark black-and-white images evolved as Tillinghast ran the unbound pages repeatedly through a copier, accreting layer on layer of ink, adding depth and weight to the images.

The Secret Book

A hijacked work of art grows rampant and weed-like into new art.

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of seeds and the river

In chilled white hands and fingertips reddened by a raw December rain, Gene Eidson holds the future: scruffy, pea-size packets of potential life. Winter is when the cypress trees drop their seed onto the ground and into tea-colored swamp water.

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