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E&G Budget Request Summary

Clemson's Commitment to Education and Economic Development FY2017-18

(available as a pdf here)

Clemson University is ranked 23rd among all public research universities and provides a quality education for its citizenry; drives innovation that stimulates economic growth and serves the public good by addressing some of the great challenges of our time.

To ensure that South Carolina is strategically positioned to compete and succeed in the global economy requires that the state invest in Clemson’s next generation of students who will be responsible for advancing the knowledge-based economy in our state.

Recurring Budget

Connected Vehicles Center (CVC) at CUICAR — $3.2 million
Establish a Connected Vehicles Center (CVC) at CUICAR in Greenville. The CVC will position SC as a leader in connected transportation, smart transportation and autonomous mobility by leading research, development, education and workforce development. CVC will build on established investments and expertise at CUICAR and engage directly with industry and suppliers.

Cyber-Physical Security Institute (CPSI) — $3.1 million
Create a Cyber-Physical Security Institute (CPSI) to establish Clemson University and SC as the leader in advancing cyber security for energy and transportation infrastructure. CPSI will build upon Clemson’s unique facilities at CUICAR and CURI to focus on making electric power grid and motor vehicle transportation grid safer and more stable.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Center — $2 million
Develop a state-of-the-art system for advanced manufacturing from idea to design to market readiness. PLM will help manufacturers reduce cost and improve efficiency by integrating all facets of design and manufacturing into one process.

Nonrecurring Equipment Request

Critical Investment in SC’s Advanced Materials Industrial Competitiveness — $5 million
Funding would provide for investments in cutting-edge advanced materials instruments to perform state-of-the art research and technology development to benefit SC industries and employers.

Capital Budget

Business & Behavioral Sciences Building — $25 million
Provide a new facility to house and consolidate all undergraduate programs in the College of Business and Behavioral Sciences. These programs are currently housed in Sirrine Hall which was constructed in 1938 and has not been renovated in 35 years. The building will create an enhanced interface between academics and industry while accommodating current and future growth and adapting to new technologies.

Advanced Materials Science Complex Building — $25 million
Provide a state-of-the-art facility for collaborative research and teaching for the Departments of Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical and Bio- Molecular Engineering and Chemistry. These programs are currently housed in antiquated facilities that require extensive maintenance.

Martin Hall Renovation — $15 million
Renovations for centrally-located 54 year-old academic building including HVAC and window replacement to improve efficiency and air quality deficiencies.

Long Hall Renovation — $14 million
Constructed in 1937, Long Hall needs critical envelope renovations and HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems replacement.

Daniel Hall Renovation — $10.5 million
Built in 1969 and utilized by students from every discipline, Daniel Hall requires a gut renovation, HVAC upgrades and accessibility improvements.