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fresh eyes
It is one thing to study change. It is altogether different to “be there” as an active participant and personal witness.

The Vietnam War. The creation of supercomputing. These two seminal events may sound totally disconnected until you meet Jim Bottum, Chief Information Officer and Vice Provost for computing and information technology at Clemson. He was (and is) an active player in both.

To begin, let’s go back a little over four decades when Bottum served his country as an Air Force forward air controller in Vietnam. “My job,” he says, “was to fly light aircraft slowly and at high altitudes to provide constant air surveillance for U.S. fighter bombers.”

The most recent chapter of his story found him back in Vietnam but, this time, in the name of collaboration rather than conflict. He was there at the invitation of the International University in Ho Chi Minh City to advise education and government leaders on the steadily emerging country’s goal to implement and leverage the advantages of high-performance computing – an area of expertise for which he is world-renowned.

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Number our campus ranks among United States public universities in supercomputing, according to for November 2012.

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