A Vote For
Computer technology as boundary eraser, door opener and society champion.

A professor bold enough to hang a sign in his lab that reads “change the world,” can expect an either-or response. It will be ignored due to his lack of action. Or, it will fire the imagination because the words capture the true spirit of the place. The latter is the case here. The professor is Juan Gilbert, Presidential Endowed Professor and chairman of Clemson’s Human-Centered Computing Division.

Dr. Gilbert defines his work by saying, “I believe technology is at its finest when it has a social conscience. The measure I use for tackling a project is that the end result would solve a nagging problem. It would address a broad societal issue through everyday application.”

Prime III clears that bar by a mile. It is, simply put, the most accessible voting system interface ever created – enabling someone who can’t see, can’t hear, can’t read or doesn’t have arms to vote privately and independently using the same machine as everyone else.

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Number our campus ranks among United States public universities without a national laboratory or center in supercomputing, according to TOP500.org for November 2011.

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