An App for That
Computer science graduating senior, Josh Groppe, takes working on campus to the next level.

Josh Groppe likes to build apps. But not just any apps. Apps with a purpose. Apps that provide something valuable to the user; those that make a difference.

For the past year and a half, the computer science major has had a chance to do just that — for Clemson.

"I wanted to continue to learn about mobile app development, and I love Clemson. This internship allowed me to bring two of my passions together," explains Groppe, who has been interning with the Clemson Mobile Innovation Team for four semesters now.

Groppe is part of a new campus internship program that puts students into jobs on campus that provide paid, real-world experience. The program is called University Professional Internship/Co-op Program, or UPIC (pronounced "you pick").

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