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Parking and transportation services as a gateway to a more sustainable future? Clemson University’s Dan Hofmann is paving the way.

Dan Hofmann is passionate when it comes to pitching his latest and greatest ideas about better ways of getting from here to there — be it to faculty and staff or at Student Government Association meetings. Parking, driving, commuting, riding: Whatever the topic, the enthusiastic presentations have earned Hofmann a reputation for innovation.

And it’s garnered him an endearing nickname: “The Mad Scientist of Parking.”

“The key is options,” Hofmann says, laughing. “The more we can improve the transportation experience, the fewer cars there will be on campus.”

A nationally renowned expert in the field, Hofmann is working to improve parking and mobility on and off Clemson’s campus while at the same time making steady gains in support of the University’s sustainability goals to become carbon neutral by 2030. He has added annually to the University’s use of green vehicles. He established Clemson’s first car-sharing program that includes a fleet of low-emission, electric and hybrid cars. He initiated an employee low-emission vehicle program that promotes the use of LEVs by offering preferred parking spaces. And he added the first electric vehicle charging station on campus with an eye on increasing the EV charging infrastructure for the growing number of students, faculty and staff who have their own electric vehicles.

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