Sitting at the intersection of science and entrepreneurship are Clemson alums Ken Leahy and Mark Raeside and their distinctly “cool” invention, the ChillSpot™.

A new dog. Atlanta heat. Experience building with aluminum, and a crude napkin drawing.

You never know how a successful business idea will come together, but Class of 1993 alums Mark Raeside and Ken Leahy say perseverance and a Clemson education gave them the confidence and sparked the ingenuity that led them to invent the ChillSpot — a thermodynamically superior dog bed that they’re now marketing across the nation.

ChillSpot bills itself as a new, innovative, patent-pending dog bed that replicates the cool tile surfaces dogs often seek out on hot days. Removable ChillPods are placed in a freezer overnight. Then, when the pods are put inside the ChillSpot frame (and tucked securely away from chew-happy puppy teeth, by the way), it creates a cool place for canines to lounge, for hours at a time. The bed has an aluminum top, which conducts the cold temperature of the pods to the surface above, creating an ideal place for hot pups to plop, even during the steamiest weather.

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