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Faculty Scholar Sara Bayramzadeh, Ph.D., at  Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

Sara Bayramzadeh, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor in Architecture and Health Design
College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Contact: 864-656-4658 or

Who is Dr. Bayramzadeh?

Sara Bayramzadeh is a Research Assistant Professor in the Architecture + Health program at Clemson University. Her research interests include the impact of healthcare facility design on user experience, patient safety, health communication, and operational efficiency in variety of healthcare settings such as operating rooms, psychiatric hospitals, and outpatient clinics. In her work, she contributes to several research projects in the program’s Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing (CHFDT), including a four-year funded project on the safety and efficiency of the operating rooms. This research is in collaboration with Clemson University’s departments of industrial design and management, as well as Medical University of South Carolina. Along with the CHFDT, she is involved in developing collaboration opportunities with Greenville Health System. She is also active in building opportunities for applied research with architectural firms. She obtained her doctorate in the interdisciplinary program of Design, Construction, and Planning from the University of Florida. Her award-winning dissertation explored the role of interior environment on physical and psychological safety of psychiatric patients, who are one of the most vulnerable patient populations.

For more information, see her Curriculum Vitae.

How Dr. Bayramzadeh's research is transforming health care

Dr. Bayramzadeh’s research is focused on the impact of the built environment on patient and staff outcome. Some of her health-related research contributions include investigating design opportunities to improve safety and efficiency in operating rooms, patient experience and operational efficiencies in outpatient facilities, design opportunities to facilitate health-related communication, and improving patient safety in mental health facilities. Her research aims to provide evidence-based design guidelines to inform architects, designers, administrators, and policymakers on ways to improve patient and staff outcomes in healthcare facilities by interventions in the design of the built environment.

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Health Research Expertise Keywords

Built Environment, Architecture, Healthcare Facilities, Patient Safety, Operational Efficiency, Healthcare Quality, Mental Health Facilities Design, Evidence-Based Design