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Clinical Professors,Thomas Blackwell, M.D., FACEP at the School of Health Research, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

Thomas Blackwell, M.D., FACEP

Clinical Professor
Clemson University School of Health Research

Assistant Dean for Longitudinal Clinical Education
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville

Contact: 864-455-1571 or  

Who is Dr. Blackwell?

Thomas Blackwell has been practicing academic medicine for 27 years, specializing in emergency medicine and subspecializing in pre-hospital care (emergency medical services) and disaster medicine with emphasis on the health consequences of a terrorist attack. He established a counterterrorism response team in Charlotte that included law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical personnel. This team was funded and recognized nationally by the Department of Homeland Security. He currently serves as Assistant Dean for Longitudinal Clinical Education at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville and works with the clinical and behavioral/social components in all four years of medical school curriculum. Dr. Blackwell’s research has centered on EMS response times and outcomes based on those times. He has also been involved in the team approach to cardiac arrest resuscitation. He has worked with Clemson University in developing a Collegiate EMS system, which is a student-run first response system that is affiliated with the Clemson Fire and EMS department. He has assisted in the course instruction and in raising the funds required for a response vehicle and additional medical equipment. The program is now developed, the students are organized in a club, a call room exists at Fike Recreational Center, and the course is now part of the curriculum and is awarded credit. There are several medical student-initiated scholarly activities that are being proposed to analyze the success of this program. Finally, he has conceived of a resource that will improve medical simulation. The prototype will be developed by engineers and computer experts from Clemson.

For more information, see his Curriculum Vitae.

How Dr. Blackwell’s research is transforming health care

The Collegiate EMS endeavors that Thomas is involved in with Clemson University will serve a student affairs function and provide a clinical experiential activity that pre-health students could use to their advantage in their future career goals. It also serves as an emergency medical asset when unexpected illnesses or injuries occur and is a service augmentation to public safety response agencies on campus. The intellectual property that relates to medical simulation will be a valuable tool that can be used by multiple health-related students, e.g. medical nursing, allied health. This resource has never been developed and will serve to improve medical knowledge and clinical skills in a simulated environment.  The device has multiple applications that can augment multiple training scenarios.   

Key Health Research Interest Areas

Medical Education, Prehospital Care, Emergency Medical Services, Disaster Preparedness and Response, Terrorism