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Faculty Peter Gianiodis, Ph.D. at  Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

Peter Gianiodis, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
College of Business

Contact: 864-656-7343 or

Who is Dr. Gianiodis?

Peter Gianiodis is an associate professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship in the College of Business and Behavioral Science. Before joining Clemson University in 2006, he spent over ten years in the banking industry, and then received his Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Georgia. Peter has taught courses in Enterprise Development, New Venture Creation, Business Strategy, and Strategic Management. His research interests focus on innovation management, strategy, and entrepreneurship.   

For more information, see his College Profile and Curriculum Vitae.

How Dr. Gianiodis’ research is transforming health care

Peter’s research is transforming health care is two important ways. First, he and his colleagues are investigating how nonprofit hospitals, which align with for-profit partners, manage the complexities of these relationships. Specifically, they are looking at how these hospitals leverage co-opetition within and across the hospital’s business units. Second, he and his colleagues integrate organizational theory to better understand value co-creation between physicians and their patients. As the industry seeks to solve chronic health problems, they argue that the delivery model needs to evolve to better leverage the patient’s abilities and motivate them to cooperate.

News and media related to Dr. Gianiodis’ research

Health Research Expertise Keywords

Shared Value, Value Co-creation, Co-opetition in Health Care