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Faculty Scholar Sara Lu Riggs, Ph.D. at  Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

Sara Lu Riggs, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering
College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

Contact: 864-656-3114 or sriggs@clemson.edu  

Who is Dr. Riggs?

Sara Lu Riggs is an assistant professor of industrial engineering. She is also the Principal Investigator for Clemson’s Cognitive Ergonomics and Systems Engineering Lab. Sara has taught courses in Investigating Human Error in Complex Systems and Research Methods in Ergonomics. Her research focuses primarily on the areas of multimodal displays, adaptive displays, and human perceptual and cognitive limitations. 

For more information, see her College Profile and Lab Website.

How Dr. Riggs’s research is transforming health care

Sara’s research looks to address data overload at various levels and units around the hospital. She is working to develop an efficient and effective way for one person to monitor the vitals of all patients in areas within a unit or level within the hospital. 

News and media related to Dr. Riggs’s research

Health Research Expertise Keywords

Human Factors, Ergonomics, Display Design, Attention Management