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Sustainable Landscape Planning for Learning Environments


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Table of Contents

  1. Sustainable Landscape Planning for Learning Environments

  2. Sustainability

  3. Proposal

  4. Project Goals

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  6. Objectives for Education

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  8. Objectives for Function & Sustainability

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  11. Case Studies

  12. River Ridge Elementary School

  13. Site Orientation

  14. Relating Learning To Landscape

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  16. Kindergarten Wing

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  18. PPT Slide

  19. Lockett Elementary School

  20. Site Orientation

  21. Interactive Landscape

  22. Kindergarten Area

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  24. 1st - 5th Grade Play Area

  25. Branchville High School

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  28. Dorchester Academy

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Author: Sonja Maki

Email: mhaque@clemson.edu

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