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Landscape Implementation Website

Sustainable Landscape Planning for Learning Environments - Power Point Presentation


  • 3 credit hours
  • Meeting Time and Place:  Monday 12:20-5:20 PM in E-145 P&A Building and outside on service-learning sites
  • Implementation of landscape plans including planting trees, shrubs, ground covers, annuals, perennials, and vines, pruning, construction materials, hardscapes, irrigation, and labor management.
  • Required Textbook:  Introduction to Landscaping Design, Construction, and Maintenance by Ronald J. Biondo and Charles B. Schroeder.

Course objectives:

•  To give students both theoretical and hands on experience in landscape     implementation and landscape operations
•  To provide students direct contact with landscape professionals through     service-
learning projects
•  To provide students with an understanding of labor management problems and
    to develop character traits and a work ethic characteristic of exemplary
    professionals with a high degree of integrity.
•  To develop competence in developing objective and accurate personnel     evaluations for both self and peers.
•  To develop a portfolio and written and oral communication skills to market     yourself and your company effectively.

At the conclusion of this course, the student shall:

•  Be familiar with the information presented in the textbook, Introduction to    Landscaping Design, Construction, and Maintenance by Ronald J. Biondo
   and Charles B. Schroeder.

•  Be familiar with various paving materials and the basics of installing these    materials in the landscape.

•  Be familiar with the basics of building fences, retaining walls, and/or small     pools.

•  Be able to locate and install landscape furniture such as seats, plant containers,     litter bins, interpretative signage, play equipment, bird houses, feeders, and/or     other accessories.

•  Be able to implement a planting plan to insure best look and best survival of    plants.

•  Be able to market yourself through writing, your portfolio, and your service-
    learning projects.

•  Be able to properly prune trees and shrubs.

•  Be familiar with professional organizations such as the Associated Landscape    Contractors of America and have researched and written a term paper and/or    participated in their Student Career Days.

•  Have served capably as the team leader for one of the ALCA division    competitions.


Evaluation of student's work will be based on completeness, accuracy, professionalism, quality and degree of participation and effort on projects.

Assessment will include the following areas:

Portfolio assessment:  Your personal portfolio should document your academic and  work experience and abilities as discussed in class and in the handout on portfolios.

Personnel file:  Project supervisors (instructor included) will keep a personnel file on each "employee".  It will include self evaluations and peer evaluations as well as supervisor's evaluations accumulated throughout the semester.  Professionalism, work  ethic, competency, and integrity will be major components of this portion of your grade.

Post construction evaluation:  Your project will be evaluated during and after completion.

Mid-term test and final exam:  These will be based on your textbook and on  information covered in class.


Part of your grade will be based on class, team, and project participation.  Everyone is therefor e expected to attend each class and to actively participate in discussions and projects.  Unexcused absences may result in the lowering of the final grade one letter grade per absence.  Two tardies equal one absence.


You are expected to be on your honor not to cheat and to report cheating if you are aware of it.  This includes all forms of dishonesty including giving or receiving information on tests, plagiarism, and lying or falsifying time sheets or other personnel records.  Please read the section on academic honesty in the student handbook and know that I uphold the university policy and that cheating can result in an 'F' in the course and a mar on your permanent record.


Final grades will be based on the following percentages.
Weekley and/or Mid term test(s):   30%
Portfolio and presentation:    20%
Personnel file, homework assignments, and Final project evaluation  25%
Final exam  25%
TOTAL  100%

The mission of Clemson University's Department of Horticulture is to promote personal and professional growth through the discovery, communication, and application of horticultural experiences, knowledge, and scholarship. Our work fosters environmental stewardship while improving economic wellbeing, health, and quality of life for all.

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