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Dr. Judy Caldwell

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173 Poole Ag. Center

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Office Hours
Drop by my office at 173 Plant and Animal Science Bldg. if you need help, have any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.  If you cannot find me there, please leave a message on my door or with Opal Rousey in Rm. 172 P&A with a phone number where I can locate you.  I will get back with you as soon as possible. You can also call me at work (864-656-4952), leave a message on my office answering machine, e-mail me at jcldwll@clemson.edu, or call me at home (864-654-6560).


There is no required textbook for this course but many students have found reading Small Fruit Crop Management edited by G.J. Galletta and D.G. Himelrick, to be most helpful.  The book is available in the bookstore, I have a copy, and one should be available in the library.


Course Content
Basic taxonomy, anatomy, plant development, physiology, climatic requirements and culture of the major small fruit crops (Actinidia, Fragaria, Rubus, Vaccinium and Vitis) will be covered, as well as some historical perspectives, production statistics, economic considerations and future trends for each crop.  Labs, field trips, guest speakers, readings and assignments will be used to support lectures.


Course Objectives (Yours)

  Identify the major small fruit crops and the cultivated types within each crop.

  Identify major small fruit production areas and describe the geographic,    climatic and economic features which supported and/or currently support    industry development.

  Describe anatomical features, physiological characteristics and climatic    requirements of the major small fruit crops and relate these to common    cultural practices.

  Compare and contrast anatomical features, physiological characteristics,     climatic requirements and cultural practices of the major small fruit crops.

  Recommend reasonable modifications of climatic and/or cultural factors    which limit production within a given site/situation including home and    commercial production.

  Develop reasonable diagnosis and/or solution to common small fruit     production problems.

  Share your knowledge of small fruits with a given audience (novice, hobbyist, Master Gardener, technical, professional) verbally, in writing and/or visually.

3 unit tests (100 each)  300
In-class activities, assignments and labs 175
Final (comprehensive) 125
Total 600

90 -100%= A
80 - 89% =  B
70 -79% =  C
60 -69% =  D

Some Things You Need To Know

  Class attendance is expected but if you choose not to attend, it is your     responsiblity to obtain the information and assignments from your     classmates. You will not recieve credit for in-class exercises completed
    on days you choose not to attend.

  If you are unable to attend lectures and/or labs (or must miss a test), contact me well in advance (or bring a physician's excuse stating you were too ill to attend class) to request an excused absence and to make alternative arrangements.

  If you choose not to turn in assignments by the due date, you will not be    eligible for the full assigned point value.

  The policy on academic dishonesty, as outlined in the Clemson University Student Handbook, is in effect for this class.  Please read and become familiar with that policy.

  If I cannot read your writing, you will not get credit for what you have written!

  If your instructor (me or whoever) is not in class by 10:20 a.m., and no one is present to instruct you otherwise, then you may assume the instructor is unable to meet class and you may leave.

The mission of Clemson University's Department of Horticulture is to promote personal and professional growth through the discovery, communication, and application of horticultural experiences, knowledge, and scholarship. Our work fosters environmental stewardship while improving economic wellbeing, health, and quality of life for all.

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