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Click to EnlargeSummer Lady
2003 Musser Fruit Research Farm

Season Blake Season
Range July 13th - August 3rd
Additional Years 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2008
Sequence 165
Row 8
Tree 13,14
Flesh Yellow
Chill Hours 850
Bloom Date March 16th
Ripe Date July 23th



some brown rot, good color, 40% ripe, deep RGC, raised suture bulge


O’Henry mutation. Orig. 1987, Hideo P. Yamashiro, Parlier, CA, and Burchell Nursery, Modesto, CA. Not tested. Similar to O’Henry but earlier. Major variety in California. Attractive; extensive bright red blush with good quality and high yield. Flesh: yellow; Gland: reniform; Bloom: showy; Shape: round; Firmness: high; Ripens: +5. Patented (PP#5865) California variety. Oblate with some red in the flesh. Very firm. Ripens the 1st week of August with Fay Elberta. Firm and red. May have problems sizing in the Southeast. Highly susceptible to bacterial spot. The present invention relates to a new and distinct variety of peach tree to be known as the "Summer Lady", and more particularly to such a peach tree which is broadly characterized by its similarity to the O'Henry variety of peach tree (U.S. Plant Pat. No. 2,964). The new variety is a single scaffold mutation of the O'Henry peach tree from which it is distinguished and characterized as to novelty by bearing fruit which ripens approximately one week to ten days earlier, which is more nearly globose than that of the O'Henry and which displays less green fruit ground color and a more uniform and brighter overall red skin coloration than the O'Henry at maturity. ORIGIN The mutated scaffold was discovered by Hideo P. Yamashiro while propping limbs before harvest of O'Henry peach trees. The new mutation was first observed in July of 1982 in a commercial orchard of O'Henry peach trees located at 17281 East Adams Avenue, Parlier, in Fresno County, Calif. The above orchard of O'Henry peach trees is currently eight years of age and is owned and was owned at the time of the discovery by Hideo P. Yamashiro.


  • Evaluations are based on a 1-8 scale (6=OK,7=Commercially acceptable, 8=Excellent)
  • Size is in inches
  • Shape: round is assumed, T=tip, P=point, S=suture, OB=oblate, OV=ovate
  • Pubescence: 10=nectarine
  • Freeness: 3=early cling, 8=completely free
  • Status: 0=discard, 1=keep
  • Notes: SOS=soft on suture, SOT=soft on tip, RIF=red in flesh, GAS=green around stem
  • RAP=red around pit, GGC=green ground color, sz=size, wh=white, yt=young tree, CCT=concave tip
  • Bloom date is when approx. 90% of blooms are open (full bloom)

The description of each variety of peach or nectarine fruit under each group is in different formats as this information is collected from varied sources and hence is not consistent


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