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Select Career Highlights (updated 07/13/09)

  • National Research Publication Award In July, 2009, Dr. Kirk Pomper (KY State University), D.R. Layne and other co-authors, will receive the 2008 Shepard Award for the best research paper of the year published in the Journal of the American Pomological Society. The citation for the paper is: Pomper, K.W., S.B. Crabtree, D.R. Layne, R.N. Peterson, J. Masabni, and D. Wolfe. 2008. The Kentucky pawpaw regional variety trial. J. Amer. Pom. Sci. 62(2):58-69. (for news story, see link:
  • International Comprehensive Text In October, 2008, CAB International Press (Wallingford, U.K.) published "The Peach: Botany, Production, and Uses" edited by D.R. Layne and D. Bassi. This is the most comprehensive, current, scientific literature-level text on peach available. It includes the contributions of 49 international authorities from 9 countries and it has a color plate section with nearly 300 color photos. The 615 page book is available through Oxford University Press, CABI, and Amazon. (see link:
  • President, The American Pomological Society In July, 2008, Dr. Layne received the gavel from outgoing president, Dr. Ed Stover, to become the society's new President serving a two-year term. Dr. Layne is the first professor from Clemson University to serve as President of the APS. (for news story, see link:
  • National Career Award: In July, 2008, Dr. Layne received the 2008 Outstanding Extension Educator Career Award from the American Society of Horticultural Science at their annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. "This award recognizes an educator who has made an outstanding and valuable contribution to horticultural science education for a period of 10 or more years." This is the top national career award for an extension educator offered by my scientific society. It is a highly competitive award that no one from Clemson University has ever received. (for news story, see link:
  • State Team Award: In December, 2007, Dr. Layne was co-recipient of the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service State Team award for "The Peach Team". This award recognizes outstanding service to a statewide team effort by creating positive change related to the issues.
  • National Publication Award: In 2001, Dr. Layne received the American Society for Horticultural Science "Extension Publication Award" in recognition of the most outstanding paper on horticultural extension published by the society in the year 2001 for the paper: Layne, D.R., Z. Jiang, and J.W. Rushing. 2001. Tree fruit reflective film improves red skin coloration and advances maturity in peach. HortTechnology 11(2):234-242.
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