OnBase-Performance FAQ

OnBase-Performance is the new online staff performance management tool currently being rolled out to the University. The new streamlined process includes an online planning and evaluation form, automated workflow and electronic storage. The goal of the new tool is to increase efficiency and effectiveness, reduce manual processing and increase collaboration between employees and supervisors throughout the performance management process.

No, OnBase-Performance will begin with the Planning Stage. 2021-2022 evaluations will continue to use the current process.

OnBase-Performance will roll out to staff based on Budget Center's current performance period. You may use the Performance Periods by Group Chart (PDF) to determine when you will begin using OnBase-Performance. You also will receive an email notifying you to start using OnBase-Performance.

OnBase-Performance is an online tool accessed through the web using your single sign-on (Clemson userID and password).

Access OnBase-Performance

No. Temporary employee evaluations will continue to utilize the current manual performance management process. We highly encourage all supervisors to provide clear expectations and results of performance to temporary employees by using the current Temporary Staff Performance Planning and Evaluation Form (PDF).

Each department will be assigned a 'Super User' to assist with OnBase-Performance issues. You may also contact Ask-HR or your HR Service Team.

View the current Super User List (PDF).

Online, self-paced training will be available in Tiger Training.

Multiple resources are available to help transition to the new OnBase-Performance tool, including an informational Staff Performance Management Website, self-paced training, Super Users (PDF) and Ask-HR.

A faculty member will use OnBase-Performance if they are the direct supervisor of a staff member or supervise someone who is the direct supervisor of a staff member. OnBase-Performance is for staff reviews. Faculty will follow the Faculty Manual for annual performance evaluations in the Faculty Activity System.

OnBase-Performance will send email notifications and reminders to you to begin the planning stage, complete an optional mid-year review and complete your evaluation stage. These notifications will go to the supervisor and the staff member.

Yes, changes can be made on the form after the planning stage and throughout the performance period. OnBase-Performance will notify the staff member and supervisor if a change is made.

No, a mid-year review is optional but considered a best practice.

There are three Performance review periods based on Budget Centers. You may use the Performance Periods by Group Chart (PDF) to determine when your review period begins and ends.

Consult your supervisor for access to common desktops in your area that will allow you to access OnBase-Performance. The Office of Human Resources has three computers that you may access to complete and sign your planning and evaluation forms.

Yes, you may access OnBase-Performance through your mobile app.

No, OnBase Performance will save the form for future access and reference. However, you will have the capability to print forms if needed.